Chain Wax Lubricant S-wax Graphene 100ML

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Chain Wax Lubricant S-wax - GRAPHENE

Top 5th best lubricant in the world;

Tested by Zero Friction Cycling the world's only independent test laboratory that performs controlled tests to verify true lubricant results;
traded on the world market;

Enhance the lubrication and durability of your transmission;

S-WAX Graphene is a waxy compound of high concentration, it has up to 300% more wax and agents than the main competitors.;

It is biodegradable, non-flammable, and does not transmit heat, making it stay in your relationship for much longer.;

It is also composed of agents that glide and clean the chain like no other lubricant on the market;

300% more waxy compound with the addition of graphite;


Contains carnauba;

Non flammable;

Highly sliding;

High cleaning power;

Does not transmit heat;

Friction reduction;

Perfect viscosity to penetrate and protect from impurities;

Power to fill gaps, thus reducing noise and vibrations;

Moisture resistant;

Easy cleaning;

Agent S capable of expelling mineral oil from the chain;
Global 6 official lubricant Cycling;
More information about the lab and the test: