Session Brasil does not exchange products.
With regard to returns:
In purchases made through the website and only in this case, the Customer may exercise the right of repentance, within 07 days of receipt, as provided for in the Consumer Protection Code, provided that the product has not been used.
The return of the product must take place inside the package that was received, sending it through a carrier, and Session Brasil will bear the freight costs, either by the post office or by a carrier. We will assist in this process.
Upon arrival at Session Brasil, the product will be evaluated within 72 hours, and returns will only be accepted:
• a) if it is not damaged/scratched;
• b) if there are no signs of use;
• c) if any original part/accessory has been replaced and/or missing.
If the return is approved, Session Brasil will proceed with the reversal according to the payment method, a) Credit/debit card: the reversal is carried out through the card used in the purchase. The credit is returned by your Card operator on the next or subsequent invoice, according to the closing of your invoice; b) Deposit/Transfer/Bill: just inform a deposit account, or PIX key (in case of PIX, inform the Banking Institution), in the same CPF/CNPJ of the purchase. Refunds are processed within 10 days.
In case of doubt, keep in touch with our service channels, available on our website.