The Session Brazil

In 2009 SESSION was born, a company driven by the dreams of its creators and the desire to feed the passion of many CYCLISTS who, like its founders, are moved by emotion.

It didn't take long for Session to feel that, in order to continue serving the domestic market the way it wanted to, it had to change and become a BRAND. And it was from this change that it became a reference in bicycle components, focused on innovation, performance and, above all, quality.

Believing in development and production in the national territory allowed Session to create the BEST PRODUCTS for Brazilians – whether athletes, amateurs, enthusiasts or simply passionate about skinny girls. COMPONENTS, PARTS AND ACCESSORIES with excellent cost-effectiveness and able to compete with the best products from the most famous brands in the world.

“WE MAKE YOU FASTER”. This is more than our motto, it is our essence, our constant pursuit. We have a passionate team, we work hard every day, and we invest in innovation and research so that the cyclist, whether he is just an enthusiast or an athlete, has access to the best products, with guarantee and quality.

Session is a proudly national company, and making it FASTER is our GOAL.