Chain Wax Lubricant S-wax E-Bike 100ML

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Wax Chain Lubricant S-Wax - E-BIKE
The new S-wax E-bike was developed to withstand the most extreme situations, such as greater torque and power from its engine. Thicker than S-wax, it will ensure low friction in the toughest conditions while still delivering the same high durability and S-WAX benefits you've come to know.
Originated from S-WAX or S-WAX E-Bike It has a higher concentration of waxy compounds in its formula. Non-flammable, it also does not transmit heat, making it stay in your relationship much longer. It is also composed of agents that slide and clean the chain like no other lubricant on the market.

300% more waxy compound
Contains carnauba
Non flammable
highly slippery
high cleaning power
does not transmit heat
friction reduction
Perfect viscosity to penetrate and protect from impurities
Power to fill gaps, thus reducing noise and vibrations
moisture resistant
easy cleaning
Agent S capable of expelling mineral oil from the chain

  • Available in sizes 100ml and 500ml.